Bulk Automated Mailings Using 3SELLER

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Bulk Automated Mailings Using 3SELLER

In the world of digital marketing, finding innovative solutions puts you ahead of the competition. It’s time to discover 3SELLER.COM – a service for mass and automatic mailings in Telegram. In this review, we’ll look at the platform’s features and strategies. We will also provide guidance on how to take your business to the next level. After all, attracting customers = increasing profits.

Advantages of the 3SELLER platform

With 3SELLER you can launch an advertising campaign in just 10 minutes:

  • Choose from different types of emails to tailor your advertising strategy to your needs.
  • Experiment with different approaches, from sending to chat lists for beginners to more advanced options such as sending to selected chat lists from a file.

Targeted and custom mailings:

  • Select target chats and launch mailings directly using a text file.
  • Diversify your messages with vibrant text, images, documents, voice messages or video messages to grab your audience’s attention.

Increase your conversion:

  • Increase the effectiveness of your mailings with options such as tagging random users and enabling repeat mailings.
  • Configure resend intervals for optimal engagement.

User-friendly interface:

  • The platform’s intuitive interface simplifies the selection of mailing types and settings.
  • Video tutorials provide guidance for the user experience.

No restrictions on mailing:

  • Enjoy the freedom to send messages through chats without restrictions. You can send at least 500 messages from one account per day.

How to attract more clients

WITH 3SELLER you can get 30-200 clients per day. It is recommended to use separate Telegram accounts for mailings. 3SELLER.COM offers various types of mailings. To select a type, click on the “Select a new mailing type” drop-down list.

Mailing to prepared chat lists

Use this type for testing if you are just starting to move forward in Telegram.

Mailing to your chat lists (from file)

This is the main and most profitable type of mailing. Here’s how to make it

  • Select the TXT file with the list of chats. Each chat should be in the form of a link on a new line.
  • Attach an image, document, voice message, or video message.
  • Additional features include entering chats without sending messages, tagging random users, and repeating mailings.
  • Set the interval for repeated mailings.

Newsletter via chats from your account

Similar to mailings to chats from a file, but goes to chats to which your Telegram account is already connected. If your account does not have a complete collection of chats, then use “Distribution to chat lists (from file)”.

Sending private messages to chat users

  • Specify the link to the open chat and enter the text of the message.
  • Use a bunch of mailings with an offer to write in Direct + connected auto-reply to minimize the risk of a ban.

Sending private messages to a list of aliases

Similar to sending personal messages to chat users, but the mailing goes to a list of nicknames. Nicknames must be in the TXT file

Sending private messages in your account chats

Sends newsletters to already created dialogs in your Telegram account. Efficiency is high because it is aimed at interested customers.

Sending comments to the channel list (from a file)

Sends messages in comments to posts in target channels. The channel list must be in the TXT file.

For some types of mailings, additional settings are provided, such as saving users after the mailing is completed, filtering administrators, sending only to administrators, setting a limit on successful sends, and setting a delay between messages.

Automated Mailings In Telegram Using 3SELLER

Start your newsletter

Let’s take a step-by-step look at how to launch a newsletter:

  • So, first choose your mailing type. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with “Broadcast to Prepared Chat Lists” for testing.”
  • Prepare text and a list of chats (for some types of mailings). If the type “Distribution to chat lists (from file)” is selected, then prepare text mailings and create a txt file with a list of chats in link format (one link in a new line).
  • Configure your mailing parameters. Select options such as “Keep users after sending completes”, “Filter admins”, “Send to admins only”, “Set successful send limit” and “Set delay between messages” depending on your preferences.
  • Start your newsletter. After preparing the data, click “Start sending”. If the message “Sorry, the page is unavailable. Contact technical support” appears, return to the main page and re-launch the newsletter.

Ready. You have launched a newsletter.

Important Notes and Recommendations

When sending via personal messages (PM), it is recommended to use auto-reply to reduce the possibility of blocking. Please note Telegram’s limitations on the number of messages per day and recommendations for minimizing blocking.

After the campaign is completed, evaluate its results and, if necessary, make adjustments during the downturn.

Check out other types of mailings on 3SELLER.COM, such as “Mailmailing via chats from your account” and “Sending private messages to a list of nicknames”.

Mass liking

Goal: Increasing the number of subscribers on your account.


  • Mass invites to target chats.
  • Selecting the type of invitation: to chats from a file, to account chats, and others.
  • Restart inviting at the specified interval.


  • Ability to save users after completing the invitation.
  • Filtering chat administrators and the ability to set restrictions and delays.


  • It is recommended to use separate accounts for inviting.

Massinviting on 3SELLER.COM provides tools to attract new subscribers. You can send invitations en masse to target chats, select the type of invitation (to chats from a file, to account chats) and restart invitations at a specified interval. Users have access to the functions of saving users after completing the invitation, filtering chat administrators, as well as setting restrictions and delays to optimize the process.

Proxy for multi-accounts in Telegram

You can link up to three accounts to one Telegram IP address. Naturally, you will need more. To do this, you need to link proxy servers to new accounts, which will set a new IP and will not give Telegram a reason to ban them. You can use affordable server proxies from the Russian Federation, Ukraine or European countries. Contact support and we will help you choose the appropriate proxy options. Use a proxy and the 3SELLER.COM platform to multiply the influx of customers.

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