Cyberconnect: What Kind of Crypto Project, Where Does Such Demand Come From and Why Are Proxies Needed?

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Cyberconnect: What Kind of Crypto Project, Where Does Such Demand Come From and Why Are Proxies Needed?

CyberConnect is a decentralized, blockchain-based platform for creating and managing unique digital identities that allows users to control their data and interact with others in the Web3 ecosystem. Simply put, you can create a profile with your personal information and the ability to log in to the Web3 system.

CyberConnect was founded in 2021. During this time, the project has become the largest platform for developers and users, allowing them to enter, change and exchange data within the web3 network. Today, more than 50 projects use the decentralized CyberConnect infrastructure.

These projects include community-driven social networks, marketplaces, content promotion services, analytics tools, and much more. Here are some specific examples:

  • Link3: one of the first blockchain-based social networks
  • Phaver: This is a decentralized social network that has 110,000 unique weekly active users.
  • Dopamine: is a comprehensive mobile application
  • Oasis: This is a metaverse where 1 million people communicate every day.
  • Galxe, QuestN, Huddle01, Wondera and others.
CyberConnect Ecosystem
CyberConnect Ecosystem

Each of these projects uses the CyberConnect infrastructure to provide their users with the ability to interact and communicate while taking advantage of decentralized technology. With CyberConnect, users can be confident that they own their data and can use it as they wish, and interact with other users on a safe and secure platform.

In May 2023, the number of web3 users who use CyberProfile exceeds 875,000. Every month, more than 300,000 users actively use applications built on CyberConnect.

CyberConnect token released on CoinList

On May 18, 2023, the start of the public sale of CyberConnect tokens on CoinList was announced. The total pool is 100 million tokens at a price of $1.8 ($180 million). A total of 10,800 allocations of $500 were allocated. This event is one of the largest in recent years; experts predict multiple growth of the token. Considering that investors consider the project very promising, there will be hundreds of thousands of people willing to participate. However, there is a way to gain an advantage in the queue over other users.

Priority queue for early adopters and active members

CyberConnect participants who are early adopters and have shown dedication to the project will have the opportunity to be prioritized for the upcoming CYBER token public sale on CoinList. We list the factors that increase the chance of receiving an allocation:

  • presence of a premium descriptor in CyberProfile
  • number of collected W3ST tokens
  • role in Discord (as an early supporter with 1K, 10K, 100K level)
  • the presence of Mystery Box or Shards, as well as the presence of NFTs received as part of previous community events.
  • Contribution to CyberConnect Grants on the Gitcoin platform.

Important! Be sure to add an Ethereum wallet address that meets the criteria above to your CoinList account during the registration period. Otherwise, the site will not be able to record your achievements.


How to increase your chances of getting an allocation

This method is suitable for those who have not met the conditions for receiving a priority queue. However, if you have achievements on one or more wallets, you will increase your chances of purchasing tokens even more.

The point is to use an antidetect browser and a proxy. Create as many profiles as possible and protect your accounts from bans by changing your IP and browser fingerprint. Mobile/residential proxies, as well as a good anti-detect browser, are suitable for this task. For example, Dolphin or AdsPower.

Please note that such activity violates CoinList rules. Therefore, you need to approach the issue of anonymity carefully. Use only high-quality proxies that can be purchased on our website.

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