How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Without Phone Verification?

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How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Without Phone Verification?

For most users, one personal Facebook account is enough. However, some people need more than one. It is extremely important to remember that Facebook policy prohibits the creation of multiple accounts to prevent fraudulent and other malicious activities. This may result in a temporary or permanent account ban. But if you want to create and manage multiple Facebook accounts, you need to make them appear unrelated. In this article, we’ll figure out why they create multiple accounts and how to do it without registering different phone numbers.

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Why would someone need multiple Facebook accounts?

There are various reasons why someone needs multiple Facebook accounts. Here are a few of them:

Commercial purposes

Many organizations require multiple Facebook pages. For example, a company might have three accounts: one for its official business page, one for customer service, and one for promotion. This allows messages and content to be kept unique and tailored to specific consumers.


On Facebook, some people may want to separate their personal and work lives. For example, people can have separate accounts for personal and business relationships. They can choose who sees their personal information and protect themselves from potentially embarrassing moments.


Marketers can create multiple accounts to reach a wider audience or target a specific group. An artist or musician, for example, might maintain two accounts: one for close friends and family, and another for followers.

How to avoid bans when creating multiple accounts

Below are some tips on how to ensure that when you create accounts, they are not linked from a Facebook security perspective.

Use different browsers and devices

Using separate browsers for each Facebook account is one of the most important steps in preventing account bans. For example, you can use one browser for your Facebook business account and a second browser for your personal account. But if you need to manage multiple Facebook accounts, your best bet is to use an anti-detect browser that allows you to create and manage profiles in one program.

Use different IP addresses

Using separate different IP addresses for each account is an additional method to prevent bans. To do this, you need to rent clean private proxies. However, Facebook is very strict about verifying such IPs, so you need a reliable provider that guarantees security. For example, you can purchase a proxy from us 🙂

Create profiles with unique personal information

Make sure your email address, name, profile picture, and other information are unique for each Facebook account. This will avoid communication between them.

How to create multiple Facebook accounts without checking your phone?

Now let’s figure out how to create profiles without having to verify them with unique phone numbers every time:

  • Create several profiles in the anti-detect browser. Open several different pages in an anti-detection browser with different fingerprints and proxy servers.
  • Log in to the Facebook website.
  • Click “Create a new account.”
  • Enter registration information: first name, last name, email address, password, birthday and gender.
  • Then click “Register”.
  • Complete your profile. Facebook will ask you to upload your main account photo, cover photo, education, hometown, interests, and other information.

This way, you can create multiple Facebook accounts without linking phone numbers and risking a ban. The main thing is not to change the virtual browser fingerprints and proxy server IP address for a certain period of time for each account. You can rent clean private proxies for Facebook in our service. We provide US proxies suitable for registration at an affordable price. Just pay and use them right away. Our technical support will help you select and configure. Happy multi-accounting on Facebook!

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