PWA Market – A Service for Creating PWA Applications

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PWA Market - A Service for Creating PWA Applications

PWA.Market is a service for creating PWA applications for Gambling, Betting, Dating, Nutra, Crypto and other verticals. PWA (Progressive Web Application) technology allows you to install a website (advertiser’s offer) on your phone as an application from Google Play. In traffic arbitration, PWA applications are used as an alternative to webview Android applications.

Why PWA applications?

  • They are not uploaded to Google Play – you do not need to undergo moderation in the store.
  • Bright and branded designs with elements of Gambling & Betting themes are available.
  • They do not receive marks and are not banned from sources.
  • Edited in real-time.
  • You can “duplicate” applications in unlimited quantities.
  • Ideal for those working with Tier-3 countries.
  • A budget solution for testing and scaling bundles.
  • An excellent start for beginners in Gambling & Betting.
Example of PWA applications #1
Example of PWA applications #1

PWA.Market — a simple constructor in which you can build PWA applications in just 4 steps.

Example of PWA applications #2
Example of PWA applications #2

Why PWA.Market?

  • 100+ templates with designs for Gambling & Betting;
  • Ability to parse designs from Google Play;
  • Loading videos from YouTube;
  • Built-in pre-landing pages, cloaca, white pages and push notifications;
  • Optimizing traffic for installations, registrations and deposits;
  • Sensitive support from the manager.

Listen to the podcast “Give Yura a microphone“to learn even more about the designs and specifics of launches on PWA applications.

Use promo code PROXYSIO15 and get a 15% discount on any tariff (except Trial and Custom). For more information on creating PWA applications, contact manager.

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