Dolphin – An Elite Antidetect Browser for Solving Any Problems

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Dolphin - An Elite Antidetect Browser for Solving Any Problems

Anti-detect browsers have been created to bypass restrictions on web resources, anonymization and multi-accounting. They work by replacing the user’s digital fingerprint and hiding real data. The digital fingerprint includes information about the device, operating system, cookies, plugins, visits, time zone, memory, language and other more complex parameters. The anti-detect browser hides these fingerprints from anti-fraud systems, thereby allowing you to appear as a completely different person, and this, in turn, makes it possible to work with tens and hundreds of accounts without the risk of being blocked for multi-accounting. In this article we will look at Dolphin{anty} in detail, and also figure out why proxies are needed when working with it.

What is Dolphin{anty}

Dolphin{anti} is a popular anti-detect browser created in 2021 by arbitrage specialist Denis Zhitnyakov. Today the number of browser users exceeds 800 thousand people.

Dolphin{anty} was originally developed for traffic arbitrage, but over time it was refined and modernized for tasks in any area of ​​the online space. Dolphin{anty} is a customer-oriented product, as it is constantly being improved and updated for ease of use. Developers listen to customer opinions and requirements and improve the platform based on user desires. Dolphin{anty} runs on its own browser kernel – this is the main advantage and difference from similar browsers. This allows you to replace fingerprints in the most realistic way possible. The browser is comfortable and pleasant to use – it is equipped with a clear and flexible interface, as well as a wide range of built-in functionality.

Screenshot of the Dolphin interface
Screenshot of the Dolphin{anty} interface

Review of Dolphin{anty}

The browser provides all the tools for comfortable and productive work. What functionality does it offer? Dolphin{anti}:

  • Securely manage an unlimited number of accounts. Dolphin{anty} allows you to work with an unlimited number of browser profiles from one device, each of them stores a unique browser fingerprint.
Dolphin - An Elite Antidetect Browser for Solving Any Problems

  • Effective teamwork. There are 4 roles available: Admin, Teamlead, Buyer, Farmer, each of the roles can be configured with its own access levels.
  • Automation scripts. The browser has built-in automation of repetitive actions, which can be used without knowledge of program code. Create your own templates for automating account pharming, information parsing, etc.
  • Automation via API. In addition to script automation, Dolphin{anty} supports management using Selenium, puppeteer and playwright tools.
  • Proxy manager. Convenient management of all added proxy services in one place.
  • Extension Manager. Manage browser extensions: install or remove from browser profiles in a couple of clicks.
  • Mass operations. Dolphin{anty} provides for performing operations in bulk format. Simply select the desired profiles, proxies or extensions to perform specific actions, be it adding parameters, editing or exporting information.

All plans include a full set of features, including a proxy manager, browser extensions manager, bookmarks and quick pages, automation builder and team management.


U Dolphin{anti} There are additional options and features that make your work easier and more effective:

  • Adding bookmarks to the start page, which will be saved in the browser and available for each profile.
  • Real fingerprints of browser profiles. Developers collect fingerprints of real users and only then generate them for users.
Screenshot of the Dolphin interface

  • Integration with the Facebook advertising automation service (Dolphin Autobay).
  • Change the IP of dynamic proxies using a URL link in one click.
  • Create tags, statuses and notes for each profile. This helps you navigate the profiles.
  • Availability of Cookie robot. It automatically collects cookies and creates the appearance of a real person on the Internet.
  • Bulk export of cookies.
  • Transferring profiles to other browser users.
  • A basket of profiles, with the possibility of self-recovery within 48 hours.
  • Copying profiles with fingerprint randomization. You can create a copy of a profile that already exists, but with a new fingerprint.
  • Dark and light interface theme.

The main feature of Dolphin{anty} that should be highlighted is its professional and friendly technical support, which will solve your problem in a convenient interaction format. You can contact directly in your browser program or through the chat form on the website.

Screenshot of the Dolphin interface

To sum up, we can say that with Dolphin{anti} convenient and pleasant to work due to well-thought-out functionality and the presence of useful functions that make work easier. If you need to master multi-accounting, then the anti-detector Dolphin{anty} is an excellent solution, and in conjunction with a proxy from our service it will provide long-term protection from bans and restrictions.

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