Top 3 Programs for Automatic Registration of Accounts in Telegram

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Top 3 Programs for Automatic Registration of Accounts in Telegram

For mass registration of accounts in instant messengers and social networks, there are autoregisters – these are programs that automatically register new profiles. There is a wide variety of software for creating them on the Internet. They differ from each other in price, additional options and interface. In today’s article, look at professional programs for automatically registering accounts in Telegam.

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Why are creators needed in TG?

Autoreg accounts are created for promotion. They are usually used for mass mailings and other activities. TG bans profiles that send messages to strangers too often. Having created dozens or hundreds of autoregisters and launched a mass mailing, you won’t have to fear a ban, since a blocked account is quickly replaced with a new one.

Before creating accounts, you need to select software and proxies. Without a proxy, there is a risk of getting all accounts banned, since the system will track that they are registered from the same IP address. Our selection of programs for automatic account registration will help you choose an author. It includes 3 programs: ONE DASH, TG-Reger by Rogozhkin and TG GIANT. Among them there are both paid and free software. We will tell you about each in detail and highlight its features.


This is a multifunctional software designed for promoting and promoting channels, groups and chats in Telegram. One of the main functions is the automatic creation of accounts in TG. New profiles are registered to virtual numbers via SMS services. ONE DASH supports multi-threading. The software is paid, the price depends on the chosen period of use. Current prices:

  • 1 week 499 RUR;
  • 2 weeks – 799 RUR;
  • 1 month – 1349 rubles;
  • 2 months – 2428.20 rubles;
  • 3 months – RUB 3,439.90;
  • 5 months – 5058.80 rubles;
  • 9 months – 6677.60 rubles;
  • forever – 7099 rub.

To start working with ONE DASH you will need 1 Telegram account. You will also need reliable proxies to prevent your accounts from being banned.

TG-Reger by Rogozhkin

The software was developed by an independent author and uploaded to the website TG-Reger by Rogozhkin automatically registers Telegram accounts through SMS virtual number services. The program creates profiles with different names, avatars and a short description. The software also protects accounts from theft, thanks to the installation of two-factor. The program is sold by subscription. A day of use costs 1,000 rubles, 3 months – 7,000 rubles, 6 months – 9,000 rubles, forever – 20,000 rubles. To support multi-threaded work, you need to pay an additional $100 to the subscription price. You also need to spend money on the ZennoPoster platform; prices start at 1,970 rubles per month. To work with TG-Reger by Rogozhki you will need to rent a proxy.


Software created for the promotion and promotion of groups, channels and chats in Telegram. Features include auto-registration of TG GIANT accounts. The program sets profiles with first and last names, a short description and avatars. Registration of accounts is possible not only for Russian numbers, but also for foreign ones. The program is paid, subscription prices vary depending on the term:

  • 1 month – 14990 rub;
  • 3 months – 39990 rub;
  • 6 months – 69,990 rubles;
  • 12 months – 129990 rub.

There is also a free two-day trial period, which is provided in order to understand whether the software is suitable or not. TG GIANT has 24/7 technical support to help resolve any issues that may arise.

The author is an indispensable assistant in promotion in TG. It creates tens and hundreds of accounts in a short period of time without human intervention. However, without using a proxy, you will not be able to fully use the program and easily create the required number of accounts. On our project you can rent reliable and fast proxies that are suitable for automatic registration of accounts in TG.

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